James Mutonyi

Rural development expert and Agricultural Specialist with more than 20 years of experience working with small business and Small Holder Agricultural in Africa.

Currently the Managing Director of the Agricultural Market Development Trust (AGMARK) agmark.org – a regional development organization supporting smallholder farmers to access inputs and technologies for increased production and output markets. AGMARK has been a Key player in small holder agricultural sector in the region since 2004, working with Government Private sector and development partners to develop and implement innovative models for smallholder farmers and pastoralists to access improved inputs for increased Agricultural production and create markets production in the East and Southern African region. AGMARK work has impacted over 3,000,000 smallholder farmers with project funding of over $ 20 Million since its inception in 2004.

Extensive experience in enterprise development in Africa – having traveled widely within the region consulting, training and offering technical support to government institutions, private Agricultural Input supply companies and local development institutions on issues relating to smallholder agricultural input access and output marketing.